Green cars litt. C2 in Stockholm 
TT-scale model on N-tracks




Litt. C2 Green cars in scale TT  on test at my N-scale layout

This project was born on a visit at the
tramway museum in Stockholm. A huge collection of trams from horse driven cars to the latest transportation vehicles. 
This museum is also a fantastic oppurtunity to see the development of transportation in Stockholm with lots of films an pictures from early days. The museum shop offers a model  from one of the first variants of the Stockholm underground cars "C2" in scale H0. This reminded me of an anniversary TT-model from 1957 that should fit my N-scale interrests better. Unfortunately this TT-model was not for sale at the museum any longer. 

After an intensive search at antique / curio shops and on websites , plus some tips, I have managed to acquire 14 pcs of this TT-model that will make at least 3 full 4-wagon trainsets.
Building in scale TT 1:120 pose some problems in the procurement of drive and bogies etc. although it can be ordered easily from German stores across the web. TT is not so common in Sweden. Nevertheless I managed to acquire some TT-bogies but thought they were too clumsy in the C2 underground car. 
I simply took the decision to provide my C2 wagons with bogies and drives from the N-scale and run it on the N-tracks, which gave a much better overall impression. Since I do not belong to the family of "finickies". I think it is ok. Someone has to run the underground on narrow gauge in Stockholm even if I will displease some of my model railway colleagues.

The area between the stations  "Slussen - Old Town" as a model is the target. I will use photo backgrounds from Slussen , Kornhamnstorg and Old Town. It will be a shelf layout composed of 3 modules with a total length of 3.6 meters in addition to my N-scale facility for the other trains.



                       N-scale  bogies with motor from Tomix                                                  Standard bogies axis dist. 14 mm



                        Tomix motor and Fleischmann Profi couples                                        Finished car with couples and motor drive


The C2-car of the TT-scale, have in the original design faked bogies and simple plastic weels. I removed these bogies and drilled for screw attachment to the new bogies that I found from the Fleischmann asortment.
The new drive required that the base was opened up with a rectangular hole. I found a Tomix-drive that after some adjustments fitted perfect.
The Fleischmann Profi couples with a mounting plate  were attached easily. The Profi style couple suits this model. Headlamps are 2mm LEDs. There is plenty of room for a DCC-decoder..



                Model of underground car C2                           Size and interior of C2                            "Stockholms Spårvägar" C2-car 
                from anniversary 1957                                                                                                              Photo: Bruse LF Persson

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